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Mackinac Island Tile

Treasure your Travels! Mackinac Island, sculpted by Tonya Lutz.

This handmade white stoneware tile is a beautiful blue-green with Rick's proprietary copper infused glaze.

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Mackinac Island Tile By Whistling Frog

  • Mackinac Island Tile By Whistling Frog

Product Details

6x6x.5 inch hand made Mackinac Island white stoneware tile.

Conveniently notched on the reverse side for hanging, our tile is also suitable for installation indoors, or vertically for outdoors.

The glaze is a beautiful and durable turquoise formulated by Rick.

Made by hand from start to finish in Ferndale, Michigan by Rick and Tonya at Whistling Frog Tile Studio. Design and sculpting by Tonya Lutz.

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