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MyNorth Pint

A Tribute to Northern Michigan's Unbreakable Spirit.

Perfect for all your favorite places Up North. Unbreakable. Won't shatter. 

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MyNorth Pint

  • MyNorth Pint Celebrating Northern Michigan's Unbreakable Spring Spirit
  • MyNorth Pint
  • A MyNorth staffer enjoys his MyNorth Pint with a spring sunset on the melting snow
  • MyNorth Unbreakable Pint
  • Unbreakable, so perfect by the pool!

Product Details

MyNorth Pint glass is unbreakable, squooshable and safe to go anywhere you go: the boat, beach, poolside. Throw it in your backpack, beach bag or the back of the car.

Our pints are from Silipint, made from 100% food-grade silicone. Of course you can throw it in the dishwasher, picnic basket or boat bag. They are sturdy and should take all that our Northern Michigan audience can dish out. 

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