January 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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January 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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Ski! Snowboard! Easy ways to get your kids started (tips from a bona fide ski mom.

5 Tasty New Microbreweries
Go Where Sleds Rule
Up North Wedding Ideas
Ski! Snowboard! Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Started

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January 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazin

Let’s Get This Party Started
We ask a bona fide ski mom to share tips and strategies for the best, easiest, warmest and cheapest ways to get your family on the slopes this winter.

Waypoint, Sledder Highway
A vast forest, a Lilliputian lodge, and a snowmobile hangout you’ve gotta know. (Pink snowmobile suits welcome.)

Fresh Froth
Northern Michigan’s microbrew scene is booming with inventive, stellar beers and captivating gathering spaces to match. Step into these five (and investigate our complete list of 22 pubs).

’Tis the Season of Engagements
Gorgeous, smart, fun ideas for making your wedding a perfect expression
of love and spirit.

Up North
: Downtown TC’s hip and über-green new building; roadkill might get easier to keep(!); connect your phone to the stars; order a drink, sketch a model—why ask why.
January Events:January means snow, and snow means winter events galore. Git some!
: Ski resorts aren’t just for skiers and boarders any more.
Up in Michigan
: A dad considers the cosmos with his little boys at TC’s Rogers Observatory.
Dining: Comfort food on the menu—warm your January soul now.
Local Foodie:Kimchi and Spinach Namul by Misaeng Liggett.
: Five chardonnays to fire your winter wishes.
Into the North:Chilly New Year’s Day in Ludington

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