Canola Oil

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Canola Oil

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Produced from locally grown non-GMO seeds, our oils are naturally made by cold press extrusion, with no chemicals used in the process.

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Nutty, Earthy, Robust and Smooth to Taste
Locally Grown & Processed • All Natural • Non-Gmo • Cold Pressed
Heart Healthy & a Good Source of Vitamin E

Here's a few of Canola's health benefits:

  • Lowest saturated fat content of any commonly used cooking oil - only 7%
  • High in Omega 3 and Omega 6 - both essential for sustained good health
  • Heart Healthy - as determined by the Mayo Clinic and other noted institutions
  • May Help Lower Cholesterol

For cooking, no other oil can match Canola

  • Light flavor, smooth texture
  • Low fat - makes it perfect for sauteing, frying and baking
  • Long shelf life
  • High smoke point at 230° - great for frying

Use canola oil for salad dressings, coat pans for non-stick baking, replace high fat butter and margarine in baking recipes.