March 2012 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

March 2012 Best Eats

Best Eats
Manierre Dawson
Sam Porter
Tree Climbing

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March 2012 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

  • March 2012 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine
  • Sam Porter
  • Tree Climbing

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March 2012 issue includes:

Best Eats

Traverse Magazine follows three foodies as they share their favorite culinary delights all across Northern Michigan. Our adventure also includes a nod to Traverse City's Restaurant Week.

Manierre Dawson
One of the North's most curious and fascinating artist tales--a painter, working essentially along in the earl 1900's on a Ludington farm, creates remarkable and educing modernist master works.

Sam Porter
Sam Porter has returned to his hometown determined to amp up Northern Michigan's performance scene. He's creative, charismatic and, yes, chaotic. Meet the man.

Tree Climbing
Karl Pearson loves climbing giant trees and sharing the passion with others. We go up in the crown with him to tap into his tree love.

      • Up North: An Outside magazine editor loves up the U.P., real and tasty food from a hospital dietitian (seriously), Juilleret's needs a chef with a dream...
      • March Events: March madness, in so many lovely ways. 
      • Travel: Doing spring break Up North. 
      • Up in Michigan: Michael Delp wanders and wonders atop a flat glacier.
      • Dining: Ham Bonz's smoke-a-riffic menu and other diners worth an explore.
      • Local Foodie: Pan-seared pork chops with roasted vegetables.
      • Wine: Pinot gris and grigio for you, gringo.
      • Into the North: Looking out for Spring.
      • Calendar of Events
      • Restaurant Guide
      • And of course Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column


    • Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column:

      Up North Celebration

          Over the past few years
          we've chronicled the way Northern Michigan regularly pops up on a diverse set of national "best" lists now: One of the Top 10 Places to Enjoy Local Wines,
      USA Today
          ; One of the Top Tri Towns in the U.S.,
          ; Best Places to Retire,
      Money Magazine
          ; And then there's our food:
      Bon Appetit
      Midwest Living
      AOL Travel
          and more have cited this region as foodie heaven.

    Of course, those of us who love this region already know how fabulous this place is. And at the magazine, we feel really, really lucky to have dedicated our professional lives to a truly authentic celebration with you and with those we feature.

    ...get the March 2012 issue to read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows''s column and to discover all of the ways you can celebrate Northern Michigan...