April 2016 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

Real Estate 2016

Primal Scenes

A Case for the Middleman

Fat Tire. On Fire.

Northern Home and Cottage


April 2016 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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Real Estate 2016

From $10.5 million and 22,000 square feet to $56,900 and 500 square feet. This is your waterfront dreambook.

Primal Scenes

Artist Kaye Krapohl taps into the potency of North and channels it into powerful and provocative landscape paintings.

A Case for the Middleman

Chip Hoagland says if the local foods movement doesn’t create a 21st-century distribution system, small farms will continue to struggle. Hear his big think

Fat Tire. On Fire.

He rode out of the woods of Grayling on a fat-tire bike. Now he’s winning races—a lot of them.


Up North

Michael Delp’s new book. SmartPrize Marquette. A $1,900-pie. Sweet Tooth Tour is sweet!

April Events

April showers us with events. Check ’em out!


Look to the sky for these 10 travel-worthy April getaways.

Up in Michigan

Sex ed. 4th grade. Catholic school. Anne-Marie Oomen takes us there.


Love it up outdoors now.


Katie Potts, Petoskey’s new cheese monger, and other cheese shops to investigate around the North.


Bonobo’s vintner shares intel on pinot blanc, plus some bottles to try.

Into the North

Surf bubbling over rocks, Petoskey.

On the Cover:

Photo: On Lake Charlevoix, by Wally Kidd

And of course, Deborah Wyatt Fellows's popular column:

Home Water

Recently, my husband, Neal, and I were remembering the days before we put an offer in on a 760-square-foot Sears kit house on the lake.

At the time, we were living in a century-old green farmhouse that I’d bought on a land contract before I knew Neal. The original document said that if I could pay $474.73 each month, the house was mine—at least until the balloon payment. Fortunately, Neal and I were married when that balloon came due, and we still laugh about how the mortgage loan officer directed all the questions to Neal. Well, we sort of laugh. …

... Read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column to discover the magic of owning a home in Northern Michigan.

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