January 2017 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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January 2017 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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Wedding Ideas—Gorgeous, cute, fun!
Bacon! Sizzling recipes from Burritt’s foodies
Joshua Davis: What now for The Voice star?

Dining: Spicy! Ethnic eats to excite your taste buds
Brews: Dark, smooth and rich ... yum!
Travel: More ski getaway goodies




January 2017 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazin

Ski Guide 2017

Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? Fab ideas for spectacular weekends on the hills, no matter your family’s skill level!

Joshua Davis, After The Voice
The national TV buzz has ebbed, and weekly trips to L.A. are done, but
the momentum (and life of dad and husband) goes on for singer-songwriter Joshua Davis.

Bacon Comfort
Here in the depths of winter, the team at Burritt’s Fresh Market shares bacon savvy, tips and recipes to please our taste buds and satisfy our souls.

Get Married Up North
Sweet 16 unforgettable and inventive details to make your Northern Michigan wedding perfect!

Up North
Erik Florip and the Zen of making classic tools by hand.


January Events
Light up your winter at a January happening.

Fun and chill ways to immerse in the snow.

Up in Michigan
Fleda Brown embraced winter. Her friends don’t understand.

Spice up your January with these ethnic eats!

Local Foodie
Recipe: Aaron Smock’s pork schnitzel perfection.

January calls for hearty brews. Taste our dark beer sampler set.

Into the North
It’s a snow globe, friends.

On the Cover:
Loving Michigan Winter at Boyne Highlands Photo by Erik Olsen

And Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column ...

Cold Praise
by Deborah Wyatt Fellows

Winter’s palette is not easily defined. Images and emotions are defined, in part by their wild fluctuation. And therein lies some of its intrigue. Jet-black branches of trees, naked and exposed for the winter, become more art than function. A cornflower blue sky is a reason for conversation; not a summer given, rather a gift. The creaking of a hardwood, a slight exhale, the hollow echo of a whoop from the one who has skied on ahead are often the only sounds that define an afternoon. There are smiles no one sees.

Spending any real time in Northern Michigan in the winter means making peace with the unknown. Embracing both the fury and the hush. There’s an understanding that life runs the gamut: awe, adventure, introspection, a sense of warmth—sometimes a good dose of fear. ... Read the rest of Cold Praise in this issue or Reflections of a Life Up North.

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