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2015 Northern Michigan Real Estate

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2105 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

  • 2105 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine
  • 2015 Northern Michigan Real Estate

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Summer’s Sweet Spot
The water’s warm. The days are long. The air is sweet. July insists we immerse. These 14 beautiful places will pull you in.

Benjamin Busch: Warrior, Bard and at Least 16
Other Things
Two tours in Iraq, a stint on The Wire, a book, a film, a farm and a burning desire to live.

Black Star Rising
Call it über local: ingredients for top-flight cuisine raised nearly all onsite. Get the

ethos and the recipes from Jonathan Dayton, chef at the North’s premier agritourism destination.

Poetry on the Isle
They read in the Grand Hotel. They read in the woods. They read on the street. They read on a boat. Talking Mackinac Island’s poets and their ringleader Jim Lenfestey.

Adrift on the Manistee
A family discovers solitude, beauty and rich time together on a five-day float down the iconic Manistee.



2015 Northern Michigan Real Estate


Paddle around the Mitten, raise money for the Great Lakes; only three wolves left on Isle Royale; Michigan beach reads; excellent star-gazing apps; tastier lake trout; new TC meadery, more.

July Events

Summer’s here. Enjoy it at a Northern Michigan event.


10 wonderful ways to wander the North this month.

Up in Michigan

Fleda Brown considers life’s evolution as seen on her dock.

Real Estate

(Following page 88).


Make a date to dine by the water.

Local Foodie

Recipe: perfect Parmesan-encrusted whitefish.


Five summer-sublime recipes from Traverse Magazine’s Cottage Cookbook.


New releases from Old Mission. Tasty!


Why just messing around outdoors is way more important than it appears.

Into the North

Wow. July. You are so beautiful!

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And, of course, Deborah Wyatt Fellows' column:

We’ve been celebrating Northern Michigan getaways in our pages since our beginnings, over three decades ago. It’s hard for some to believe, but we never, ever run out of ideas for ways we can help people discover the region’s beautiful places, whether for a couple of hours or a couple of weeks. But a few years ago, editor Jeff Smith came up with a really good idea for our July issue. Instead of starting with the place, we started with the photo.

Now, for each July and February issue, we put the call out to many of our incred- ible photographers who roam the land and water in this region, and ask them to share a beautiful photo, taken at a place in Northern Michigan....

To read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows column...order your copy of the July 2015 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine.