March 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

March 2014 Food Finds

Food Finds--Including Mario Batali's Favorites




March 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan Magazine

  • Mario Batali's Food Finds are included in this issue
  • Find out Mario's favorite food finds in this issue
  • March 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan Magazine

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March 2014 issue includes:

55 Fabulous Food Finds - With Mario Batali
Get the Look - Charlevoix Fashionista Lou Mettler Makes His Way Home
Jump! Life & Times of Harbor Springs Parachute Entrepreneur
Burning Metal - Meet the North's Unlikely Sculptor

    • Up North: Kayaking in Ice and Rediscovering Romance.
    • Northerner: Amazing Clockmaker
    • March Events: March madness, in so many lovely ways. 
    • Travel: Doing spring break Up North. 
    • Up in Michigan: Michael Delp wanders and wonders atop a flat glacier.
    • Dining: In Search of Sushi
    • Local Foodie: Pan-seared pork chops with roasted vegetables.
    • Wine: All-Star Rieslings For March
    • Into the North: Looking out for Spring.
    • Calendar of Events
    • Restaurant Guide
    • And of course Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column

     and Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column:

    Edible Memories

    Welcome to Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine's 2014 Fabulous Food Finds issue, ...

    ... our annual homage to just some of the incredible dishes or food items sprinkled throughout the North. It is still a bit jaw dropping that Northern Michigan can be producing such unique, inventive, world-class foods, sometimes in our tiniest hamlets, but if you've followed this annual issue you know fabulous items appear year after year and are only a fraction of what is out there.

    This list is a perfect invitation to hop in the car, seek out these items and share memorable meals with friends and family. It is also an invitation to make Northern Michigan food memories tied to landscape and light, to the warmth of a fire of the feel of the breeze.

    I can tick off so many of these memories, as I'm sure you can, and with each comes a vivid picture of the sun, the sky, the people, the laughter and the contemplation. We've started in the morning  with coffee and baked goods at Java Jones in Elk Rapids, boated the Chain of Lakes all the way to dinner at Lulu's in Bellaire. We've kayaked Lake Leelanau to get whitefish at The Bluebird ...

    ...get the March 2014 issue to read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows''s column and to discover all of the ways you can celebrate Northern Michigan...