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MyNorth Pint 4-Pack

Give a toast to Northern Michigan with four of MyNorth's signature pint glasses.


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MyNorth Pint 4-Pack

  • MyNorth Pint Celebrating Northern Michigan's Unbreakable Spring Spirit
  • MyNorth Pint
  • A MyNorth staffer enjoys his MyNorth Pint with a spring sunset on the melting snow
  • MyNorth Pint 4 pack
  • Unbreakable, so perfect by the pool!

Product Details

Get Four Pints & Save $10

You and three friends will be sipping in style with these indestructible silicone pint glasses.  Whether you're up to your ankles in the waters of Lake Michigan, knee deep in freshly-fallen powder, or entertaining at home, these glasses are the perfect partner to your favorite potent potable. 

Made of 100% food-grade silicone, our standard 16 oz. pint glasses are shatterproof, dishwasher-safe, and surprisingly comfortable to hold--let alone drink from.  They're the go-anywhere, contain-anything kind of glass that an Up North lifestyle demands.

At $39.95, purchasing this special four-pack means you'll save more than $10 compared to the purchase of four individual glasses.  Plus, you'll know exactly how many people to invite over next time.

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