April 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

Real Estate 2014:  Find Your Happy Place

From a Grand Lighthouse to a Quaint Cottage, Discover Your Dream Home Up North!

Chevre and Beyond

Meet Music's Alan Lomax

New Biz Incubator

Northern Home and Cottage

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April 2014 Traverse Northern Michigan's Magazine

  • April 2014 Traverse Northern Michigan's Magazine

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Real Estate 2014: Here's Your Happy Place
The dream: you know it when you feel it, and we're pretty sure you're gonna feel it here. Our annual sampler of real estate possibilities.

Alan Lomax's Michigan
As the Great Depression settled hard over the nation, the young man who became America's most legendary musical anthropologist, Alan Lomax, headed to Northern Michigan, with his music recorder in his 1935 Plymouth.

Camebert, Chèvre, Fromage Frais
A state-of-the-art goat cheese dairy rises amid the magical hills of Northport. We check in on the latest, coolest chapter in Northern Michigan's local foods tale.

Crucible of Future North
Can the world's next gen web businesses get their start in Harbor Springs? A 20-something homeboy with a big, bold vision says yes.



  • Up North:  Building artisan clocks from scratch; the Bob Russell Resiliency Read Project; plan to ski this April? of sho!; developer for Petoskey's big dig.
  • April Events:  That sun feels good! Enjoy it at an event this month.
  • Travel:  Wine is pouring, waterfalls are gushing. Head North for a weekend escape.
  • Up in Michigan: James McCullough reflects on true fish cars.
  • Dining: Where great music and great food converge. Your go-to list for April.
  • Local Foodie: Homemade ice cream: yes, it's worth the effort.
  • Wine: Hard ciders, the next "it" bev du nord.
  • Into the North: Journey into Spring.

And of course, Deborah Wyatt Fellows's popular column:

Slices of Heaven

…Ten Years Later, on a blustery day in early April, I bought my first house Up North. I was 30 years old, owner of a still-struggling business, keeper of a dream that had invigorated my life and at the same time, aged me. A relationship that had lasted for much of my 20s had ended, and I was the better for it being over, as was he. But facing a new decade with a sense of uncertainty, I was driven to look for my own permanence in Northern Michigan. And thus I begged my way into a land contract for a green farmhouse, a mile's walk from Lake Michigan. The payment was $413.89 a month, and I knew if I found a way to make that payment, I would have a home. Forever.

Then panic set in. What had I done? I had taken on the burden of a house, alone, on top of too many other responsibilities. I'd only been in the house twice in my life. In a state of shear dread, I drove to the empty house the day before I was to get the key and move.

Once there, I sat on the front porch, watching my dog, Sara, explore her new home. A row of brilliant daffodils danced in and about the hemlocks that lined the front yard. There had been no daffodils when I'd visited before, nor had the wild lilacs lining the southwest corner of the yard scented the air. I walked to the back of the house and wove my way through the sumac as I began to climb the hill behind the house. At the top, I turned to see what I could see...

... Read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column to discover the magic of owning a home in Northern Michigan.

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