August 2013 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

Boats Gather
Dark Sky Park
Doug Stanton Swimming Issue
Bare Knuckle Farm

Special Section: Traverse City Filmgoer

Plus! Northern Home & Cottage

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August 2013 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

  • August 2013 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine
  • August 2013 Northern Home & Cottage Tour issue

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Boats Gather

All over the norther, folks raft up their boats at sandbars and island shores to hangout, barbeque, play in the water and just love up the sun and water. We check out the scene and come back with their tips on food and watery frolic.

Dark Sky Park

Mary Adams loves the night sky and convinced Emmet County commissioners to name the Headlands a Dark Sky Park. We talk with Mary about her dream and celebrate the stars.

Doug Stanton Swimming Essay

New York Times best-selling author Doug Stanton shares thoughts about this daily swim in Grand Traverse Bay.

Bare Knuckle Farm

Chef Abra Berens helps run Bare Knuckle Farm in Northport and while also working at a hip Chicago restaurant. She lays out some super summer recipes during a lovely dinner on the farm.

Special Section: Traverse City Filmgoer

How to have the absolutely best time possible in Traverse City when you are here for the Film Festival. Eat, shop, party

Plus! Northern Home & Cottage

Photos from our Northern Home & Cottage Tour!



  • Up North: Jerry Dennis shares thoughts on Michigan rivers, gathering to love up those fling model airplanes, Manistee's Vogue Theare on the rise, Interlochen turns 50 (plus: hot band recommendations!)
  • August Events: Hello, it's August. Soak. It. Up. Now!
  • Travel: Where and how to sail into the sunset.
  • Up in Michigan: An angst-ridden woods-dweller writer tires to find negativity amid the positivity, but finally realizes how dumb that is.
  • Dining: New restaurants to check out. Plus: recipes for your Augst table.
  • Outdoors: Easy, favorite canoe paddle trips from the author of Michigan's classic canoe guidebook.
  • Wine: Crisp, fresh white wines to chill on dog-day afternoons.
  • Into the North: Gosh, it's pretty Up North.

And, of course, Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column:

 And Then There Were Fireflies...

When I started writing this column 28 years ago, I realized very quickly that the experiences I shared weren't unique; they were universal. This is borne out almost everyday. Just yesterday, somebody put "There was no filter!" under a Facebook photo, desperately wanting us to know that it really was that beautiful. And we all get it. And last night, someone shared a story with me about how the magic of the place appeared when he needed it most. And we all get it. It's a shorthand we share, an understanding that some moments are simply too magical to put into words. Sometimes those are shared with laughter or a glow, and sometimes they are shared with profound gratitude.

I've been thinking of those grateful moments for the last few weeks...

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