Mick Morris Myth Solver #6: Threatening Thunderbirds!

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Mick Morris Myth Solver #6: Threatening Thunderbirds!

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Frightening adventures begin in Chicago for the Myth Solvers as terrifying giant birds fill the skies. This exciting 155-page mystery is for ages 7-12, with illustrations throughout. The exciting ‘Five Ways to Finish’ are normal, scary, parallel dimension, a poem, and a recipe. (155 pages, for ages 7-12.)


For hundreds of years there have been stories of frightening birds being sighted – but Mick, Nathan and Sissy, are completely unaware. That is until these vicious birds begin to appear, and these aren’t any little birds – they’re monstrous size. Through perilous river rides to life threatening electrical grids, see what lurks up in the skies. Perfect for reluctant readers, too.