January 2013 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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January 2013 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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Snow. Fun. Now: Tips, ideas, resort deals for your best-ever season on the slopes.

5 Cafes to Love in January
Lost Art of Letterpress
Twisted Trails Dog Party

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January 2013 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

Slick Intel
Hot advice for slippery hills. Family gear tips from a ski-n-snowboard super mom, sweet deals on lodging and lifts, inside advice on fitting equipment, food and hill fashion from three of our favorite snow industry insiders.

Man of Letters
From his tiny shop in a river-damp forest, Chad Pastotnik keeps alive the ancient art of letterpress, and builds a global reputation along the way.

Where We Gather
January has arrived, stimulating our desire to linger long in the North’s renditions of the new American cafe. Here’s our love note to cool spaces and hot Joe.

Go Dog, Go!
Sure, this is legal, from what we can tell. Welcome to the Dog Party, a glorious
 celebration of four-wheel drive and mud.

Up North
: Meet Annabelle Ayres, the 13-year-old national lady’s champ of shooting clays; Trybe’s smart and sexy looks for New Year’s Eve; David Crouse’s Reagan film goes national; know about Shoe Year’s Day.
January Events: 
No need to hibernate! Hot events all month long.
: It’s “Learn a New Snowsport Month.” Deals at ski resorts abound.
Up in Michigan
: Anne-Marie Oomen shares thoughts on bones and soup stock and family.
Warm your January soul with an
amazing hot sandwich. YUM!
Local Foodie: 
Cider pork from an orchard son
turned chef.
: New Year’s Eve and long northern nights aplenty—time to stock up on bubbly from Leelanau and Old Mission.
Into the North: 
Golden Winter Morning

Snow conditions and thumbnail sketches of 18 Northern Michigan ski resorts! MyNorth.com/skiguide
Cheeseburger Soup! Plus hundreds more recipes from comfort food to cookies to showstopper fine cuisine. MyNorth.com/recipes.

And Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column ...

"Mom, what about Helen Milliken?"

One of the only truly hot debates my mom and I have ever had over politics came in 1983.

Our family was prone to passionate dinner table debates that ranged over the years from war to women's rights to health care. But more often than not, my mom would choose to begin clearing the table at the earliest possible moment in an effort to avoid the often-contentious debates. For some reason, there my mom and I were on that summer day, just the two of us embroilded in a debate over the equal rights for women. ...



... Read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column in the December 2012 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine.