January 2018 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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January 2018 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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2018 Ski Guide –Thirteen Michigan Bucket list slopes
Once Upon an Alp—Leelanua Cheese won one of the biggest cheese awards!
Long days, Tall Ice – Ice Climbing over Lake Superior
Married on New Years Eve: What a great time for a Wedding!

Dining: Pubs to spend the evening at
Drinks: Sparkling Wines for Anytime!
Travel: January Travel ideas you'll love.

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January 2017 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

Ski Runs We Love
13 snowy slopes to quicken the pulse of any Michigander seeking happiness on hills of white

Once Upon an Alp: A Love Story
Made in a humble Up North creamery, Leelanau Cheese raclette recently won one of the biggest cheese awards on the planet. Here's the backstory.

Long Days, Tall Ice
Climbing hundreds of feet up an ice column, with Lake Superior surging below, is not for everybody ...
but it is for these winter-hungry muchachos

Married on New Year's Eve
A winter wedding that sparkles with the glam of the most glistening holiday of all.

PLUS Medical Insider!
Our annual look at the ever-evolving state of medicine in Northern Michigan.


Up North
Doug Stanton and his war film 12 Strong. Will Boyne-trained Olympian Karly Shorr make the slopeside tam in 2018? Beuleh's spankin' new streetscape. Wait, legit hope for Sugarloaf?

This is MyNorth
Ramp up the winter fun factor by tapping into MyNorth.com.

January Events Come alive! Embrace this fresh and frosty month!

Wonderful Weekends that fuel your momentum in January!

Up in Michigan
Sam Brown skates on amazingly smooth ice.

Rediscover the spirit of winter in a game of pond hockey.

Cozy pubs for gathering after snowy days outdoors.

Local Foodie 
Delish veggie lasagna, from Poppycocks' cook.

Sparkling wines for a shimmery holiday (and any day, really).

For Land and Water 
Global warming is real. Tom Porter says we need to unite to fight it.

On the Cover:
Colton Moore Ice Climbing at Pictured Rocks    |    Photo by Erik Olsen

And Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column ...

Fresh Air, Fresh Spirit
by Deborah Wyatt Fellows

You can't do what we do here at Traverse/MyNorth and not love both Northern Michigan and photography. 

Sometimes that means we share something and everyone says, “Oh, I’ve seen the sky just like that,” making us the kindred spirits we are. Other times, one of our photographers captures something most of us will never, ever experience. And to those experiences we say, “Wow.” The known and loved. The mysterious and magnificent. The serene and the wild. It is all a part of this place we love ... I grew up in the suburbs where, as children, we tore out the door when there was real snow to play in.

... I feel so lucky to have gotten to be an adult, and a mom, in a place where winter is cause for celebration.... Grab a spouse or a friend and you’ll discover that winter walks...

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