February 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

Fall in Love with Snow
Winter Sojourns
Ski the Harbor Springs Loppet
Throw a Snowy Picnic
Meet Painter Marianne Vick
And: Ski-town eats, sparkling wines for Valentine's Day and President's Day shenanigans worth a trip north

Plus, Northern Home & Cottage


February 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

  • February 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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Journey Into Snow
Let these captivating images of the snowy North people you outside to explore the realm. (Directions to each pretty spot!)

The Perfect Winter Picnic
Gourmand and outdoors lover Rob Crandell, proprietor of the Elk Rapids Wine Shop, shares recipes for a tasty interlude in the snow.

Self-taught painter Marianne Vick deploys a keen eye and very pointy brush to replicate the world and take us beyond.

Skiing to the Heart of Winter
Every Super Bowl Sunday, about a hundred people clip on their skinny skis to celebrate community and the love of winter on a trail north from Harbor Springs.

Plus, Northern Home & Cottage: Home Makeovers! Kicked up Victorian. Vintage Cottage Reno.

Up North
Northern Michigan will gets prime time in the Olympics, NMU alum Shani Davis skates for Team USA in fourth Olympics, TC Restaurant Week returns, the North's coolest, youngest entrepreneurs.

February Events
Blue above, white below, get out and enjoy winter at an event near you!

Irresistible reasons for heading to the snow in February.

Up in Michigan
Thoughts while skiing a frozen lake.

Ski-town eats, a few of our favorites.

Local Foodie
Morel, thyme bread from the good folks at Pellston's Local Eats.

Sparkling wine is sexy any time, but Valentine's Day makes it that much better. See Tim Tebeau's picks.

Into the North
Snow-covered Bridge, Gaylord, MI


And, of course, Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column:

Northern Evolution

We launched a redesign of our website, MyNorth.com last month, the first redesign in five years.

We've made it more beautiful, simpler to find the things you care most about and easy to access directories for everything from restaurants to attractions. We've take all we've learned over five years and done our best to create something that inspires people to experience Northern Michigan every day and provides easy ways to do that. ...


... Read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column to discover the winter magic unfolding in the stunning images of winter sojourns, in the adventure of ice kites and in the warmth of those soup bowls.