Ghost Board Posse #3: Ice Cavern Cadavers

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Ghost Board Posse #3: Ice Cavern Cadavers

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Prepare yourself for another ghastly tale as the Ghost Board Posse is back in this snowbound thriller. The tour continues with snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, and just when the Posse thinks they've left the terrifying mysteries behind - horror strikes! (182 pages, for ages 9-12.)


Strange happenings before the games start lead to a life-threatening avalanche and looking for a missing clue in a creepy abandoned lodge. But that's nothing compared to facing the hideous, angry, frozen undead. It's gut-wrenching gore and sheer terror as the Posse races against time to save themselves. Does this book reveal who the creepy internet stranger is? You decide. If you like scary mysteries, you’ll love this book!