Lap Wool Blanket

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100% Virgin Wool

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Lap 48"x60" $129.00

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The fleece used in our wool blankets is 100% virgin wool. This means that our wool is being used for the first time in our products, giving full benefit of it's original resilience, loftiness, and durability. Plus, this produces a softer feel for our wool blankets.

Wool is a natural, renewable resource. 

Washing Instructions:

To keep your blanket clean and beautiful follow these instructions to clean or have dry cleaned. Fill washing machine with cool (not cold or lukewarm) water, use mild soap (like Woolite or Eucalan) and use gentle agitation setting. Spin out for a short period and line dry. You may want to pull gently a couple times a day around the edges while it is drying. You can get your blanket clean this way but if you don't have the time or patience to do all the steps as listed, then dry cleaning would be preferred.