February 2013 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

Winter Sojourns
Blow Up
Savant of Winter Soups
Northern Home & Cottage

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February 2013 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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Winter Sojourns
Nine gorgeous snowy spots plus easy weekend escapes for each and every one.

Blow Up
Attach something that glides to your feet (ski, skate, snowboard, etc.), grab onto some kind of fabric (giant kite, small kite, sail, etc.), step onto a frozen lake, and find some wind (go fast, fly, zoom, etc.).

Savant of Winter Soups
American Spoon chef Chris Dettmer elevates soup to an art—we think you’ll like becoming his devote.

Northern Home &Cottage
Trilogy of style

Pitch Perfect
Elegant, elevated and in the style of the White House—right here in Northern Michigan.

The Cottage Collection
When you find the right property, it can change your life.

Marvel Us
Ox blood leather weds modern to become an original American beauty.




  • Up North: Into the bear den with wildlife biologist Mark Boersen; ultimate hot cocoa mix by SugarKissed’s Chrissy Burke; Sutton’s Bay’s winter hill climb bike race; a reality TV show of our favorite rock ’n’ rollers?

  • February Events: Quick! Get out and love up our shortest month.
  • Travel: Romantic escapes for making the most of St. Valentine’s potions.
  • Up in Michigan: Hearing winter in the sounds of snowshoes.
  • Dining: Italian restaurants for the month of amore.
  • Local Foodie: Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate proprietor Mimi Wheeler shares a chocolate-laced rub for delectable roast.
  • Drinks: Northern distillers are concocting whiskey and other liquors. We go a-sampling.
  • Into the North: Winter’s wan glow.



And, of course, Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column:

Magic Up North

We're good at magic in Northern Michigan. Anyone who knows this place understands that.

In a world where magic is fabricated endlessly, Northern Michigan creates magic authentically. It really is that beautiful. We really do drive to work, school or on vacation through spectacular landscapes. Our towns were not created as scenes surrounded by parking lots. They are real places. Kids wake up and go to school a block or two from the shops their parents work in, and the local grocery store that has sports booster signs in the window sells homemade pies and local jams made from fruit that really was grown just miles away. ...

... Read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column to discover the winter magic unfolding in the stunning images of winter sojourns, in the adventure of ice kites and in the warmth of those soup bowls.