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Trending Strong. Real Estate 2017

Hunch? Inkling? Forecast? Prognosis? Realtors from Benzie to Harbor Springs give us their take on what's ahead for the Northern Michigan land biz.

Evangelist of the Running Life

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of women have lived fitter, healthier, happier lives because of coach Lisa Taylor. Come run with her and know the joy.

Circle of Beer Life

Follow along on the microbrew journey of Brewery Terra Firma's John Niedermaier. What a long, experimental trip it's been.

The Irreplaceable Place

A Native American shares his honest thoughts and conflicted feeling about life in two worlds.


Up North

He fixes bikes, gives them away, changes worlds. TC's Dr. Terrie Taylor gets $8 million for African malaria research. Grand Hotel: Giant porch, giant restoration. Sweet Tooth Tour - get your ticket to dessert-o-rama!


April? Already? Soak up spring at an event near you.


Running races worth a weekend North!

Up in Michigan

James McCullough says, yes, you can in fact love a canoe.


Post-winter spirit re-boot: Camp in the fresh of April.


Sunny window. Breakfast with friends. Linger. Check our sampler.

Local Foodie

Recipe: Cherry-Rosemary Glazed Port Tenderloin - thanks, Charles Kretschmer.


Crisp and delicious wines for springtime sipping

For Land and Water

Leelanau Conservancy talks farmland preservation wins.

On the Cover:

Boyne City home. 

Photo Courtesy of Pat O'Brien and Associates

And of course, Deborah Wyatt Fellows's popular column:

April's Desire

April is the cruelest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain. Winter kept us warm covering Earth in forgetful snow, feeding A little life with dried tubers. The Waste Land. - T.S. Eliot

That first line is often thought to be one of Eliot's most famous. As an English major, I'm sure I read it and was part of discussions dissecting the meaning. Decades later, having lived a life engulfed in the nuance of the changing seasons, I am struck instead by the simplicity and beauty of this phrase describing April: "mixing memory and desire." For those of us who love winter, there is a process to letting go of the memory of skiing, warm fires and time spent wrapped in small cocoons with friends and family. But we know just as well the feeling of replacing it with the desire and sheer anticipation that springs eternal as the earth softens and those glorious first scents of awakening earth surround us on walks. …

... Read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column to discover the magic of owning a home in Northern Michigan.

For a collection of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's most popular and treasured columns, including "Slices of Heaven" and accompanied with Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine's gorgeous photography, order a copy of her book, Reflections of a Life Up North, by clicking here.

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