March 2013 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

March 2013 Best Eats

Best Eats--Including Mario Batali's Favorites
Glen Noonan
Kerri, A Woman of Adventure



March 2013 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

  • March 2013 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine
  • Mario Batali's Best Eats are included in this issue
  • Find out Mario's favorite food finds in this issue

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March 2013 issue includes:


Sue Burns has built a small fashion empire by sourcing used wool clothing and repurposing it into cute and captivating hats, mittens, jackets and more. We tell her entrepreneur’s tale.

Best Eats--Find out where Mario Batali finds his favorites

We loved the authenticity of picks from our foodie panel last year, so we are going to keep the format but round up some new foodies--including Mario Batali. Tasty and smart foods from around the North!

Glen Noonan    

Glen Noonan started adulthood as a Leelanau County high school grad with no money and a work ethic that wouldn’t quit. During his life he built up a small empire —thousands of acres of land, a landfill, a gravel pit and became one of the most respected voices in the county. He recently donated a large conservation easement to the Leelanau Conservancy. We meet the man, learn of his life.

Kerri, woman of adventure    

An instructor at North Central Michigan College, Kerri Finlayson is also a world adventurer, heading to the north pole, biking the length of Africa, and more. We meet this fascinating northerner and hear her tales and advice for leading an active life using Northern Michigan as a base of operations.

    • Up North: An Outside magazine editor loves up the U.P., real and tasty food from a hospital dietitian (seriously), Juilleret's needs a chef with a dream...
    • March Events: March madness, in so many lovely ways. 
    • Travel: Doing spring break Up North. 
    • Up in Michigan: Michael Delp wanders and wonders atop a flat glacier.
    • Dining: Ham Bonz's smoke-a-riffic menu and other diners worth an explore.
    • Local Foodie: Pan-seared pork chops with roasted vegetables.
    • Wine: Pinot gris and grigio for you, gringo.
    • Into the North: Looking out for Spring.
    • Calendar of Events
    • Restaurant Guide
    • And of course Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column

     and Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column:

    Creative Entrepreneurs

    There is a whole lot of debate ...

    ...around economist and social scientist Richard Florida's theory that a Creative Class is the key to the next wave of economic growth for the United States and particularly, its urban centers. The benefits and challenges of how this theory plays out can be found in Northern Michigan where entrepreneurial creativity and creative professionals are extremely important to the region's economic growth. ...

    ...get the March 2013 issue to read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows''s column and to discover all of the ways you can celebrate Northern Michigan...