March 2015 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

March 2015 Food Finds

Food Finds--Including Mario Batali's Favorites
Authentic Latin Food
Cooking Classes
Boss Cheese Mouse

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March 2015 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

  • Mario Batali's Food Finds are included in this issue
  • Find out Mario's favorite food finds in this issue
  • March 2015 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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March 2015 issue includes:

50+ Fabulous Food Finds - With Mario Batali

Authentic Latin Food

Boss Mouse Cheese

Cooking Classes that Kick It

    • Up North: Wine from maple sap. Brewery Ferment dials up deviled eggs. Oosterhouse and Batali conspire on Bonobo’s menu. Rachel Ray discovers Boss Mouse butter. DIY maple syrup video!
    • March Events: Go play in the melt!
    • Travel: Foodie events for fun weekend escapes.
    • Up in Michigan: Mike Delp contemplates his trashy fish-truck.
    • Dining: Dessert places we suggest exploring now, as in right now.
    • Local Foodie: Beautiful borscht, by Michelle Rodriguez
    • Wine: Sweet wines to extend that post-dinner glow.
    • Outdoors: In search of everyday adventure.
    • Into the North: The tastiest gift of March
    • On the Cover: Minced Chicken in Lettuce Wraps at Red Ginger. Photo: Todd Zawistowski.
    • Up North: Kayaking in Ice and Rediscovering Romance.
    • And of course Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column

The Food Issue!

Welcome to our first annual food issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine. As you know, we love to cover food and drink. Restaurants, great food finds, chefs, wineries, local food choices, brewers, cafes, recipes, the distillery trend, and more, fill the pages of Traverse Magazine every month. You probably also know that the March issue has long been the focus of our very popular, annual Best Eats feature, where Mario Batali joins four “foodies” to ferret out wonderful food items through- out the North. Special thanks to Mario for being an annual contributor. So, it was a natural that we would choose March to become our annual food issue, including Best Eats, but more features on food and where everything from Travel through the Dining section is all food related.

When we started Traverse Magazine, 34 years ago, food in Northern Michigan meant white- fish, prime rib, fresh cherries off the tree, bonfire recipes and smelt in a basket. Drink was pretty much covered by writing about what local taverns to visit after skiing. But from the first issue, food was important to us because Northern Michigan is about memories, and food is at the heart of fam- ily and friends gathering for a meal or the fun of pulling into a farm stand for fresh produce. ...

Read more of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column in the March 2015 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine.