May 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

Celebrate Morels!

Recipes for spring's premier delicacy

Foster kids find a future on a Great Lakes schooner

Recipes from Rowe Inn's legendary Morel Dinner Series

Endurance Evolution builds a biz of stellar silent sports events

Frankfort's world-renowned watercolor painter Roland Roycraft 

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May 2014 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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Celebrate Spring

Wind in Their Sails
A schooner on Grand Traverse Bay becomes the stage on which new futures 
are born for these foster kids.

Morels on the Menu
Recipes and backstory from the Rowe Inn’s iconic morel dinner series, a nearly four-decade tradition.

Following the Light
World-renowned watercolor painter Roland Roycraft discovered his passion for the art in his 50s, while driving a school bus along Benzie County back roads.

Enduring Vision
Meet two men who grew up running the hills and shores of Northern Michigan and who are now building a business spreading the gospel of a fit life Up North.


Up North
: KJ Scarpace invents a fish lure; book about outsider Bible artist Ed Lantzer;  Karl Haas (classical music show legend) would be 100, attend the party! Big welcome for birders on Beaver Island.
May Events
Yes, friend, spring is real. Soak it up at a May event!

Irresistible golf packages for you and the crew.
Up in Michigan: 

Camping, it’s good family time, right? Kate Bassett considers.
Menus inspired by spring flavors.
Local Foodie
Morbier Gratin Potatoes, by
Manny Gualco of Manny’s
Specialty Cheese Shop.
New releases from Old Mission Peninsula wineries!
Into the North
Ahh, May. Feel the verve.

And of course Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column:

May's Moving Inspiration

At some time in the last few years, Northern Michigan was named one of the Best Places to Train for an Endurance Event. ...

Of course it is. Spectacularly kept county roads that offer hills and valleys are perfect for pushing yourself on a bike. Miles and miles of fresh water provide a current strong enough in Lake Michigan to challenge veteran swimmers. Paths and roadways allow running to your heart's content. Seemingly endless rivers help paddlers train for obstacles and portages.

This region is a true paradise for all those folks who challenge their minds and bodies, and endurance events to match their passion abound ...


Read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column in this May 2014 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine.