Mick Morris Myth Solver #3: CHAMP...A Wave of Terror!

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Mick Morris Myth Solver #3: CHAMP...A Wave of Terror!

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This spine-tingling book has the Myth Solvers in search of the elusive American sea Monster, Champ. This Loc Ness type of beast is just as frightening and has been seen in Lake Champlain, New York. This 199-page chapter book (for ages 7-12) has illustrations and multiple endings. The 'Five Ways to Finish' are normal, scary, sci-fi, freakish fairy tale, and internet chat.


Mick, Nathan & Sissy are really looking forward to their vacation on Lake Champlain in New York, and taking a break from myth solving...until they quickly realize how wrong they are. On the beaches of Lake Champlain lurks one of the most elusive and terrifying myths – Champ. This American version of the Loc Ness turns out to exist in this thriller, and what follows is a chill a minute! Perfect for all readers – reluctant, too.