November 2016 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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November 2016 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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November 2016 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

Ski Buzz, Why we love snow!
Local Wines: Cold weather reads for holidays and beyond
Stormy Kromer: How a U.P. hat became a fashionista phenom
Recipe: Glazed cherry pot roast
Outdoors: Steelhead on a swung fly
Dining: Dreative comfort food on the menu (Gaijin!)

Plus! MyNorth Medical Insider
MyNorth Shop Local Holidays Gift Guide

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November 2016 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

Yooper. Chic.
How a small custom sewing company in the U.P. saved a down-home fashion

icon called Stormy Kromer, and then somehow made it retro-cool enough for movie stars and Brooklynites, too.

Holiday Delicacies, by Small Batch
What happens when an internationally known shoe designer decides to transform her life by opening an amazing little bakery in Harbor Springs (recipes!).

Ski Buzz 2016
Here, on the cusp of winter, five devotees of snow and hill share the passion they feel for the season of skiing and boarding ahead.

MyNorth Medical Insider
We check in with the region’s medical leaders for the latest on the evolution of health technologies and services in Northern Michigan.

MyNorth Holidays, Shop Local
Of course our gift guide has something for every person on your list! And you can shop for it right here!


Up North

Rabbi Chava Bahle talks Thanksgiving, three great books that give back, awesome art in public spaces, Sleeping Bear breaks another record.

November Events

Brighten your November with a sparkly event.


November Up North. Sometimes quiet. Sometimes powerful and chaotic. Experience it at a place on the shore.

Up in Michigan

Kandace and the coyote.


Steelhead on a swung fly. The how-to courtesy of Dan Shepler.


Innovative comfort food. What we’re liking now.

Local Foodie

Crockpot Cherry Glazed Beef Pot Roast. (Perfect for a November football Sunday!)

Cold weather reds, a gift from our summer soil and sun.

Into the North

The northern lights are calling!

On the Cover:

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, by Lauretta Reiss, of Small Batch Photo by Michael Poehlman


And Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column ...


I’m a true believer in the value of shopping local. It’s that simple. I see only upsides to shopping locally, par- ticularly during the holiday season, and here’s why:

Handcrafted, curated shopping experiences.

I recently went online, late in looking for a warmish sweater for my Mom’s 98th birthday. I thought it would be quick and easy, but 50 minutes later, all I had were a bunch of tabs on my com- puter representing the sea of stuff that I’d clicked on and a bit of a headache.

The next day, I dashed out on my lunch hour to find a gift. The beauti- ful fall day, the fresh air, people out and about and lovely window displays immediately changed shopping for my mom’s gift to enjoyable rather than a chore. I perused items that local mer- chants, passionate about their choices, have spent months carefully selecting and displaying. ...

... Read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column in the November 2013 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine.