September 2012 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

September Escapes: Discover Up North’s Summer Encore
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September 2012 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

  • September 2012 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

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September Escapes

Leelanau’s Cycling Valhalla

The (pure) poetry of pedaling the peninsula. Also, where to eat, sleep and rest your seat.

Craig Lake on the Fly

Men v. muskie in the Upper Peninsula wilds.

Fall Foodie Getaway

Savoring September in the Little Traverse Bay region.

Weekends on the Fresh Coast

Let Ed Wargin’s stunning photographs sweep you off to a Great Lakes getaway.

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    • Up North: We’ll drink a Bloody Mary (Sunday brunch at Traverse City’s InsideOut Gallery) to a season of Cosby and Coppélia, Tomlin and Tchaikovsky—a lineup that even introduces us to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of Infidel.
    • September Events: Out, about and lingering amid summer’s finale.
    • Travel: Artful escapes.
    • Up in Michigan: Stealing a memory but leaving no trace on the Black River.
    • Dining: Browsing the North’s vegetarian bounty at harvest time.
    • Local Foodie: Fall transition: Fred Laughlin of the Great Lakes Culinary Institute offers up Apple-Glazed Barbecued Chicken.
    • Wine: Meet the Northern Michigan 9.
    • Into the North: Pretty in September.

    And, of course, Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column:

    Blazing Trails

    Raising kids in the country meant I gave up one key component of my childhood: Concrete. No sidewalks. No paved driveways. Our little ones grew up gamely navigating their tricycles and Cozy Coups through rutted dirt punctuated with stones or, worse, through spring mud. They learned to ride two-wheelers that had mountain bike tires and our version of “letting them go” was not to watch them glide seamlessly into the horizon but rather to watch them bump and waver down the dirt road, their spindly arms braced in an attempt to control the handle bars. Our kids didn’t label it “the bumpy road,” for nothing, a label that endures to this day. Under the heading of “you don’t miss what you don’t know,” our kids spent hours flying down the bumpy road with all the abandon other kids find bike riding on pavement …

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