August 2017 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine


Plus! Northern Home & Cottage: Home Tour Issue Traverse City


August 2017 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

  • 2017 August Traverse, Northern Home & Cottage Magazine

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Features in the August 2017 issue include:

Sublime Summer Cookout
 Leelanau’s Epicure Catering pairs a perfect summer beach with a perfect summer dinner. You can too.

The Lure of the Petoskey Stone
 As a boy, Kevin Gauthier fell under the enchantment of Petoskey stones. Now they inspire his jewelry design. (Bonus: Search tips from the master.)

Savant of SUP Soul
 In the hands of the right maker, a paddleboard can be shaped to channel the forces of the universe. Jason Thelen explains.

Grow, Benzie, Grow
 Start with a seed—literally—and end with a stronger, more resilient community. Discover the remarkable vision of Grow Benzie.

Keeping the Mighty in the Mac
 They climb it, paint it, weld it, bolt it, guard it ... they live it. Meet the people who keep Michigan’s iconic bridge iconic.

Plus » Northern Home & Cottage
The Traverse Area Home Tour Issue. (Following page 80.)

Plus! Northern Home & Cottage: 2017 Home Tour

September 16 Traverse City, Leelanau, Benzie & Antrim



  • Up North: Bay Harbor’s world class arts venue takes shape; Grass River’s must-have nature guide for the North; State Street Marketplace brings a new retail concept to TC; the economic ripple effect of Manistee’s renovated movie house.
  • August Events: Summer’s fleeting ... grab hold at an event now!
  • Travel: Don’t let those vacation days go to waste! Five ideas to lure you away from work.
  • Up in Michigan: Millions of salmon were gathering. Thousands of fishermen were too.
    And then the storm struck. At the 50th anniversary, Jerry Dennis shares his eyewitness account.
  • Dining: Dining ideas for a delicious August.
  • Local Foodie: Raspberry muffin recipe from a raspberry farmer. Oh, yeah.
  • Food Truck Sampler: Our list of food trucks and why you’ll like ’em.
  • Drinks: Northern Michigan rosés are standing on the national stage. Sip some!
  • Outdoors: Longboarding—the coolest way to cruise through a summer evening.
  • For Land and Water: Nature Change is tracking the North’s evolving climate. Founder Joe VanderMeulen reflects on why.

On the Cover: Photo: Megan Newman / The Weber Photographers.


And, of course, Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column:

Summer's Threads

Anyone who loves Northern Michigan in the summer knows that our days are defined by weather, by time of day, by landscape, by stage of life and by houses full and emptying and full again. Each moment in a day brings a ripple of past and present, an unbroken thread of connection that binds each of us, in our own ripples, to this place.

It’s just past dawn and we are eating Cheerios on the dock with four little ones who are bare-chested, sleep-rumpled but as always, awake. The world around us is perfectly still. Sunrise reflects on the trees across the lake from us and slowly, systematically, turns the face of the water into a subtle warm glow. ... Austin has already crept down the ladder to stand among the minnows that crowd the dock in the early morning and he is giggling softly as they brush up against his sturdy toddler legs. There are fishing poles rigged and ready, but in this moment we are just peacefully together, Peter in my lap, Liv examining the small bait container of worms, Ben contemplating the lines that drift lightly in the breeze. For a moment we are letting the stillness define us before it simply can’t. I pull Peter closer.

It is not even close to dawn, but it is one of our first perfectly still summer mornings and grown children and their friends are stirring. We are making breakfast when I see that one of the friends who’s not visited before is up and sitting alone down on the dock. He is 20-something, with his first job that probably won’t be his long-term choice, his first apartment to pay for ...

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