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Changing Tides In Waterfront Property Real Estate 2017

The Community Builders

The Taste Of Tomorrow

The Queen Bee

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Changing Tides In Waterfront Property Real Estate 2017

Real estate pros share thoughts on trends in waterfront real estate

The Community Builders

Sense of community is like air: invisible, but essential to our life. Crosshatch has set out to make it strong.  

The Taste Of Tomorrow

One night a year, young chef (who are typically competitors) take the culinary stage at Cooks' House, to collaborate on a marvelous meal.

The Queen Bee

Lori Brockmiller will make you pedal till you hurt. And you're gonna like it.

Plus: Inspired Life - Living well after 55 in Northern Michigan

Plus: Northern Home & Cottage - The outdoor living issue!


Up North

Help Dr. Fred, the river cleanup man; a stamp and a coin celebrate Northern Michigan national parks, get thee to the Dennos's new digs.

This Is MyNorth

Ramp the fun factor in April, at MyNorth.com

April Events

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping ... enjoy spring at a sweet event. 


Irresistible reasons to roam the spring byways, now.

Up in Michigan

In search of Petoskey stones amid the surging storms of spring.


Pizza! We share some oh-so-tasty pies.

Local Foodie

Recipe for Cuban Ropa Vieja, by Scott North (legit, delish, bona fide and so on!)


Wheat beers: hazy but tasty.

For Land and Water

The river called her back, and now she protects it, with the team at Huron Pines.

On the Cover:

Life on the Water. 

Photo Courtesy of Andy Wakeman

And of course, Deborah Wyatt Fellows's popular column:

Ode to Dirt Roads

We got our first corgi from an ad in the paper that said, “This dog needs kids!” We had four children under the age of 8 at the time, so we had that covered. And we had been without a dog since Sara, our lab/shepherd mix had died at 13 a few years earlier. I hated being without a dog, but a puppy was just a bridge too far at that stage of the game, so a nine-month-old dog named Foxy and who loved kids sounded ideal. 

The first thing I did was look up corgis online, and when I called my husband, Neal, my first words were, “They are kind of odd-looking dogs with long bodies and practically no legs.” I’m sure Queen Elizabeth’s ears were burning, but it’s an apt description nonetheless. In fact, one of my son Peter’s kindergarten friends quite sincerely exclaimed, “I know what you should get Foxy for Christmas. Real legs!” 

... Read the rest of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's column to discover the magic of owning a home in Northern Michigan.

For a collection of Deborah Wyatt Fellows's most popular and treasured columns, including "Slices of Heaven" and accompanied with Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine's gorgeous photography, order a copy of her book, Reflections of a Life Up North, by clicking here.

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