March 2016 Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine

March 2016 The Food Issue

42 of the North's Best Eats

Mario Batali--Where and what he eats Up North

Follow the Chef Dream -- One culinary student's story

Honey, Wine & Mead--Get the buzz on Benzie's bee biz

Meet the Little Fleet--Backstory on TC's irresistible food truck lot

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Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine March

  • Traverse, Northern Michigan's Magazine March

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March 2016 issue includes:

Food Finds 2016
Six foodies, 42 of their favorites eats from around Northern Michigan! Put their picks on your culinary bucket list and start tasting.
First, Have Fun
A community ethos and a collaborative spirit have propelled Gary and Allison Jonas’s The Little Fleet to success and a special place in the hearts of T.C.’ers.
Katie’s Culinary Quest
We connect with NMC culinary student Katie Ianni to hear her take on chef school and discuss her dreams for a foodie life.
All the Buzz
At one time there was just honey and bees and hives. Now there’s also honey spreads, honey wine, a nice tasting room called St. Ambrose Cellars, and more.


  • Up North--James Bloomfield, chef at the new Alliance. ERG! Energy Bars go big. Recycling restaurant food into compost. Taproot, the new cider taproom.
  • March Events--Spring springs this month. Feel the warmth at an event near you.
  • Travel--Foodie events to inspire Northern weekends this year.
  • Up in Michigan--Sam Brown found a dog.
  • Dining--Mario Batali opines on food loves Up North.
  • Local Foodie--Mario Batali’s Cherry Brown-Butter Coffee Cake.
  • Drinks--Beer cocktails. Yes, it’s a thing.
  • Into the North--The melt is on!

Farm to Table: Our Past, Our Future

Last weekend we went XC-skiing on a sunny day with robin’s-egg skies and the lightest of a cold breeze that blushed our cheeks. Afterward, com- pletely relaxed and the best kind of exhausted, we slipped into a favorite little tavern for a bowl of chili and a beer. Muscles relaxing, a cozy booth, food and drink that warms the soul: This kind of day has been one of my favorites for 30-plus years.

If I could go back in time and compare, I’d say the trail through the woods was as hushed, stunning and pristine as it was decades ago; the tavern as welcoming and comfortable as it has always been. Maybe the only differ- ence was the Pandora station playing more often than the jukebox and the beer, wine and cider selections happily dominated by local selections. All was good with the world as iconic Northern Michigan was alive and well.

But here’s the thing: The very next night we went to a first run movie, walked out as a light snow fell in the glowing streetlights, sidestepped our way around others out for the night and decided to grab a bite to eat. We found seats at a sushi bar in a restaurant packed at 9:30 at night. Our bird’s-eye view, the crowd, the art and skill of the chefs making sushi made us feel like we were in a sleek and contemporary favorite. …  

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